Getting to grips with guest data

Hotels have gotten pretty out of sync with their guests. In a high-speed digital world, third parties – like online travel agencies – have hijacked those direct interactions that used to occur between hotels and guests. The only thing is, these third parties never meet the guest face-to-face; meaning that customer experience suffers. Hotels, on the other hand, know their guests personally. They get to know how someone likes their coffee, what sports they’re into, which spa treatments they enjoy, and how often they go hiking.

Smart Host lets hotels use this knowledge in a systematic way. The hotel can re-establish direct interactions, the guest gets a better customer experience, and everyone wins.

Our Team

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EN, DE, IT, RU, Tirolerisch

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Coffee machine (used on average 89 times per day)

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Fantastic! Damn it! Interesting! No way!

What worries us

"What's the meaning of life?" "I don't know. The computers are down"

If you had to sum us up in just one word, it would be passionate. And creative. And motivated. And, well, we're pretty hot on attention to detail too. How many words are we up to now? Never mind. Some of us are ardent about the sleekest design, some about the cleanest code, some about the most valuable insights, and some about the best customer service. But what we all have in common is that we care about our customers and users.

We've all collaborated on Smart Host, and our software's DNA is made up of the best ideas from some of the industry's top data scientists, software engineers and interaction designers. With every single click of Smart Host, you'll feel the passion that it took to build the world's most advanced and user-friendly hospitality CRM.

Dr. Ilja Konoplev

Dr. Ilja Konoplev

A financial mathematician by training, Ilja’s heart beats for data. Most of Germany’s advertising industry runs on the technological backbone Ilja built in his previous two companies. Ilja takes care of product development and ensures our customers' satisfaction.
Julian Leitner

Julian Leitner

At home online, grown up with tourism. Having managed one of the world’s largest online retailers, Julian knows state-of-the-art customer relationship management by heart. His profound knowledge of the hospitality industry allows Julian to bring this knowledge to the tourism industry. Julian takes care of sales and marketing.

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There are all kinds of reasons to work at Smart Host. The moment you walk into our office, you'll see the passion that it takes to develop the world's most advanced hotel CRM system. If you want to learn a language, you could listen in at our customer service center. Or you might want to join us for lunch to get a feel for our enticing team spirit. Maybe stay for an afternoon meeting, to see some of the industry's most talented engineers, data scientists and designers at work. Come back even just a month later, and you'll see how fast we evolve and progress.

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