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We know that introducing software during ongoing hotel operations can be a challenge. However, we are proud to say that we have already successfully supported many hotels in this endeavour.
Let us convince you - not only from us, but above all from the best practices of other hoteliers who are already celebrating success with Smart Host.


Ann-Catrin Stolle



Erich Falkensteiner

Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts


Anna Wiesler

Seehotel Wiesler


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Leading hotels are taking a step into the future with Smart Host –
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Markus Widauer



Leogang, Austria

"Smart Host is a very good and easy-to-use system for internal marketing and controlling the newsletter system. It is also very flexible and is constantly evolving.
I have no criticisms of Smart Host and will continue to work with the system. I am also happy to recommend it to others."

Michaela Muster


Ratscher Landhaus

Steiermark, Austria

"The arrival mailing is great, as guests can make their wishes known simply and easily. If there are any changes, the team is at my side with the utmost care and quick implementation. The split review page is also great. If someone wasn't so happy, we can react immediately and the guest doesn't immediately post it on all online platforms. A big advantage in times of Holiday Check and the like! I can only recommend the system."

Alise Pukite

Reception management

Hotel Post Ischgl

Ischgl, Austria

"This is exactly how a newsletter programme should be! Super easy to use - clear & logical. The selection is suggested by an algorithm and works perfectly, so Smarthost takes the most difficult part of sending newsletters off our hands. The interface to our hotel programme enables transparency and the success is easy to measure, and the customer service is very helpful! All questions and concerns are dealt with quickly and, in short, our expectations have been exceeded!"

Tanja Weirather

Managing Director

Panoramahotel Talhof

Wängle, Austria

"Smart Host has really grown on us. This tool enables us to make our day-to-day work much easier with the offer manager. Newsletters alone were yesterday, now it's the Smart Host campaigns that help us to pick up guests where they are interested and give us an overview of how successful the campaign is."

Andrea Kogler


Sporthotel Kogler

Mittersill, Austria

"We started with the campaign module years ago. It is so clear and easy to use that it was only logical to expand it to become an offer manager. I would particularly like to emphasise the extremely friendly AND competent team around Julian Leitner, and I can only recommend Smart Host across the board."

Carina Scholz

Natur & Biohotel Bergzeit

Zöblen, Austria

"We have been working with Smart Host for some time now and are extremely happy that we opted for the system. It was the best decision. Our newsletters all look great and take very little work. It simplifies a lot. The filtering works fantastically and is also super useful for many other things. We would recommend it to anyone."



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