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Pre & Post-Stay Surveys with Smart Host

With our pre-stay surveys, you can get to know the interests of your guests even before they arrive. In this way, you can respond to customer wishes upon arrival and thus increase not only the satisfaction of your guests, but also the F&B sales in the long term. Our post-stay surveys ensure that negative reviews do not end up directly on the rating portals without your knowledge and can even convert them into positive ones with skillful communication.

The following modules will help you with this:

Pre-Stay Surveys
Post-Stay Surveys

Pre-Stay Surveys

Even before the arrival, you can use our surveys to record the interests of your guests. For example, when families arrive, you can cater to their specific needs and offer special activities.

Post-Stay Surveys

With the Post Stay surveys, we systematically record your ratings and give you the opportunity to edit negative ratings before they are published on the portals. On average, our post-stay surveys increase the average rating of our customers by up to 2 points, and that after only 3 months.


It's that easy to create surveys with Smart Host.

Use Smart Host to create relevant content for your guests and let technology automatically and intelligently consolidate the data.


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Smart Host SURVEYS fOR Individual hotels

Surveys your guests will love answering

Our smart host surveys record the needs of your guests long before they arrive. You can place F&B products in a targeted manner, but you can also optimally present offers on site: this increases your sales in the long term! In addition, you increase guest satisfaction by addressing them more specifically on arrival and by using our post-stay surveys, which send you negative reviews long before they are published on portals.

Pre-Stay Surveys

Together with you we create individual pre-stay surveys, our team specifically addresses your respective requirements and on-site conditions. Your personal contact person will work with you to develop the questionnaire and the appropriate design.


Your personal contact person will work with you to create the optimal evaluation form for the pre-stay surveys and give you suggestions on how you can use this information for specific guests.


Your guests choose the right products for them before they arrive and can enjoy them directly on site. Increase your sales sustainably.

Reporting on your reviews

Your reception receives a quick overview of current problems and can react accordingly before further negative reviews arise.


We have interfaces to all common PMS providers and automatically receive availability, prices, room data and other booking-related information. This means for you: no double maintenance of prices and availability!

Personal Messages

If your guests still have questions, you no longer have to leave Smart Host. Because it doesn't matter whether your guests write to you by email, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or another channel, we bring everything together in one place. You can then use Smart Host to conveniently answer all booking-related questions or requests from your guests.

Yvonne Reimer


"Easy to use, Smart Host has its finger on the pulse thanks to intelligent data analysis and great support! The product is constantly being further developed and we have slightly readjusted the layout, which was not a problem at all due to the support."

Your hosts at Falkensteiner Antholz

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Johannes Kohler


""Smart Host is a very good and easy-to-use system for internal marketing and controlling the newsletter system. It is also very flexible and always evolving. I have no criticisms of Smart Host and will continue to work with the system. I like to recommend it also."

Markus Widauer

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Tina Neudegger

Hotel Vereina

"Smart Host is a real benefit, especially for us as a small hotel. Offers are created in minutes and are very appealing to the guest, so that our conversion actually increased immediately after the program was introduced. The various templates cover all the content of our offers and are visible to the guest in terms of text and visuals in a professional style and can even be booked directly with just one click."

Johanna Roberts

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Tina Neudegger


"Great customer service, continuous innovation, easy to use. The product is simple, very close to the customer and it's nice to know that there’s always being worked on the product."

Your host at Tenne Lodge

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Tina Neudegger


"Newsletter planning is really a great tool that you can use to advertise at the right time for the right period of time. You can send a lot of newsletters without getting annoying because the filtering works great and there is never a risk that guests will receive something twice or, even worse, receive a newsletter with a better price than the one they already have."

Yvonne Reimer

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Tina Neudegger


"Because we have been a customer from the very beginning, we have also taken part in the various updates [...]. We liked Smart Host right from the start with the idea of ​​using and managing customer data in an optimized way. It helps us to choose the optimal time, especially when sending out newsletters for every target group."

Klaus Pichler

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OUR Smart Host CRM

Intelligent guest profiles and easy campaign planning

With our Smart Host guest and campaign module, you can keep track of lots of guest data. By using your data in a goal-oriented manner, you improve the quality of your communication at the same time and offer your guests a unique on-site experience.


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