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We put your data to work!

How does it work?

Working in the background, we use hotels’ data to help them get to know their guests. Then we provide the tools to make use of this insight – the Smart Host system. The Smart Host system uses personalization, automation and AI. It tracks every action, and is super easy to use, resulting in massively increased CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

Know / Engage / Retain - and Repeat

Get to know your guests:

  • Rich guest profiles: get acquainted with your guests in detail.
  • Pre-arrival questionnaires reveal more about your guests before they even arrive.
  • Social media: integration with the world’s leading social media platforms.

Engage with your guests:

  • Automated communications are personalized by guest data.
  • Beautifully designed emails provide the foundation for all digital guest interaction.
  • Powerful surveys collect feedback, with automatic publishing on TripAdvisor and Holidaycheck.

Retain your guests:

  • Laser-accurate guest segmentation. Know who to approach, when, and with what content.
  • Get more direct bookings, thanks to super direct guest interaction without intermediaries.
  • Transform guests into loyal guests, and loyal guests into brand advocates.

Smart Host is the world’s best CRM system for hotels. Since using it, my profitability increase by 27%.
Siegfried Mair
Would I have to choose between my wife and Smart Host, I would opt for a divorce.
Christian Bär
Simply awesome.
Ilja Konoplev
A great tool, superb support and nice sales guys!
Julian Leitner
rich guest profiles created
mn EUR bookings generated
data sets cleansed
marketing campaigns run


Your Success Is Our Passion

Smart Host is incredibly easy to use. On top of that, a dedicated success manager will ensure you get the most out of Smart Host. We’ll help you get set up, then keep you updated with fresh ideas and best practice. Instead of dealing with an anonymous helpline, you’ll have direct access to your personal success manager. Your success manager cares as much about your hotel as you do, and his salary even depends on your hotel’s performance.