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Smart Host Products Overview

Don't get stuck with the valuable guest data you already have in your PMS. Use your data to improve the quality of your communication and offer your guests a unique vacation experience. With our Smart Host products, you can do just that.



Get to know your guests even better and respond to their needs. Only if you use your guest data in a targeted manner and communicate with each guest individually, will you stand out as the perfect host from the mass of hotels. With our guest & campaign module, you use intelligently enriched guest profiles to automatically send your guests suitable campaigns. This way, anonymous guests become loyal regulars.

How first-time bookers become loyal regulars:
  • Automatically created and intelligently enriched guest profiles
  • Pre- and post-stay surveys for personalization and upselling
  • Regularly proposed, data-optimized newsletter campaigns
  • Ease of use of the system to allow more personal time with the guest



Impress your guests with the very first offer. It doesn't have to take long to write individual, professionally designed offers to your guests.

With our Smart Host offer generator CONNECT, you have all the necessary building blocks at hand, in your design and only adjust them as needed - automated and yet personal, just the way it should be.

How personalized offers are created in the fastest possible way and using your design:
  • Pre-made design templates e.g. adapted to seasons, themes etc.
  • Integrated alternative offers and additional sales
  • Queries, explanations, adjustments - all communication in one place
  • Central messaging hub: Emails, chats, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and more in 2022