October 2023

Integration of Smart Host & Apaleo


What is Smart Host?

Smart Host is a CRM and guest marketing communication platform specialized in hotels. The app utilizes your PMS data to create intelligent guest profiles that can be used for sending out automatic campaigns such as loyalty campaigns or reservation related communication like Pre-, Post- or Instay emails.

In order to have a detailed look into our product suite, please contact our Sales department at sales@smart-host.com. You can book a demo with them and also purchase Smart Host. After the purchase you will get a personal success manager assigned who will guide you through the setup process including connecting apaleo with Smart Host. Afterwards your success manager will help you to customize Smart Host according to your needs.

With Smart Host you can:

Get a detailed guest profile with an interaction timeline containing all touch points the guest has with your hotel

Enrich your guest profiles with additional data that is collected by Smart Host

Send out automatic and AI driven campaigns that ensure that you communicate to your guests at the right time with the right content

Create your own targeting segments to optimize and personalize your guest communication

Send out personalized offers

Communicate with your guests using our messaging hub

What data will be shared between apaleo and Smart Host?
Smart Host displays and uses reservation and profile data of your guests.

How do I open a Smart host account?
Please contact our Sales department at sales@smart-host.com.

What is the best way to trial Smart Host?
Currently we do not offer free trials. Please contact our Sales department and book a demo.

Is there any training available?
As part of the Onboarding you will be trained how to use the product. For any questions our customer success team will be able to assist you during business hours. We also maintain a knowledge base for frequently asked questions and more product insights.

How much does Smart Host cost?
Our pricing is based on your selected modules and hotel size. Please contact our sales at sales@smart-host.com.

How do I disconnect Smart Host?
You can cancel your subscription depending on the terms of your contract.